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Jordan Carl (J.C.) Hibbard was born in Navasota, Texas on January 16, 1909 and was one of the most prominent Pentecostal preachers that God has ever called to the ministry. For over 50 years, he fulfilled his calling to spread the Gospel throughout the world. Thousands of lives have been touched and redirected through his ministry, including worldwide mission projects throughout the world.

J.C. Hibbard is very much alive today and living in Heaven with most assured high rank. He left here to be at his present home and mansion on June 12, 1980 after establishing, designing and building the 5,000 member Gospel Lighthouse Church in Dallas, Texas. He also carried the Gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands through his programs on radio stations in addition to numerous books and tapes.

J.C. married Lillian Bertha Greiwe in 1927. They both loved to dance and won several prizes for their dancing. Soon after their marriage, J.C. became a Christian. God began to deal with him to preach the Word Of God, but he was hesitant. He had always said, "There are two things I don't want to be, and both of them are a preacher."


When their first daughter, June Marie was born, she became ill with double bronchial pneumonia. After a while of soul-searching and prayer, J.C. told God that if He would heal June Marie that he would obey His call for him to preach. June was healed and J.C. started preaching.

J.C. and Lillian had a good marriage for several years and three children were born to them. June Marie, Jay and Dolores. Rev. J.C. Hibbard pastored in several places throughout Texas. God finally led him to Dallas where he founded and became pastor of the Oak Cliff Assembly Of God Church after a revival in Dallas by Amie Simple McPhearson where many people had made decisions to follow Jesus.


Rev. J.C. Hibbard was one the pastors of the Oak Cliff Assembly of God Church in Dallas, Texas and later established and built the Gospel Lighthouse Church in Dallas, Texas where he began a weekly radio broadcast on KSKY in December 1940. The Hibbard Family Singers continued the program for over 40 years. This 1937 photograph shows Rev. J.C. Hibbard (left), his first wife, Lillian B. Greiwe-Hibbard-Ash and musicians and singers at a WRR Radio broadcast in Dallas.

He worked and sacrificed, but found little time for anything but his ministry. Lillian had problems with his ministry and it eventually caused a split in their marriage in 1938. J.C. never lost his dedication to the Lord or his focal point upon the calling God had called him to. He simply would not let anything or anyone come between himself and his ministry.


On November 19, 1939, J.C. married Nellie "Nell" Bearl Conner, who had also been called to the ministry. They had two children, Jaynell Hibbard-Songstad and Darlene Hibbard-Walker.

J.C. and Nell Hibbard pastored together at the Oak Cliff Assembly Of God Church for approximately six months after their marriage. Since the Assemblies Of God have always had definite rules within their constitution concerning divorce, there was much controversy among Assemblies people and pastors.

In order to keep peace among Christians within Pentecostal circles, Brother and Sister Hibbard left that denomination. They always fellowshipped freely with Assemblies people and have even had various Assemblies Of God trained staff at the church, but have always remained separate.

In 1973, after the leaving to be with the Lord of Lillian B. Greiwe-Hibbard-Ash, the Assemblies Of God called and offered Brother and Sister Hibbard an opportunity to be reinstated as Assemblies Of God ministers. J.C. said, "God continued to bless the Oak Cliff Assembly Of God Church when they left, and it was certain that the Gospel Lighthouse had been blessed independently of the Assemblies Of God. When we left the Assemblies Of God as an act of love and established The Gospel Lighthouse, it would be wrong to change any of that. So we will stay an independent church."


Rev. & Mrs. J.C. Hibbard - 1940

Together, after leaving the Assembly Of God denomination, with the help and guidance of the Lord, they built The Gospel Lighthouse Church. In 1940, thirty individuals began conducting church services in the Roger Q. Mills Elementary School in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas. Services were held there for three months and laid the organizational groundwork for church also in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas.

Over a period of time in its golden years, this was to become one of the largest independent Pentecostal churches in the world. Property was purchased in the 1900 block of South Ewing Avenue. A circus tent was bought, erected and became the home of the church for approximately a year.


Within the same year, Pastor Hibbard began erecting the first building that would seat around 600. J.C., full of faith, always prayed for the congregation and conducted healing services. During the construction of this first building, a young boy with a paralyzed arm came to J.C. for prayer. J.C. took off his hat and leather gloves and prayed with several other men. After the prayer, in less than 10 minutes the boy was pulling nails with the arm that had been paralyzed. He was completely healed. This became typical of their ministry.

December 6, 1942 a radio broadcast that was to become a tradition in North Central Texas began. It was called The Hibbard Family and KSKY radio in Dallas broadcast the program for over 40 years.


Four decades of people, soldiers, doctors, lawyers, laymen, and literally every ethnic group were blessed by this great ministry and its teaching. J.C., his church and his family stand as a testimony to what the dedication of an individual can do in building a ministry in the Word of God.

Facts About The Gospel Lighthouse


Treasures From The Life And Death Of J.C. Hibbard
by Darlene Hibbard-Walker

"That noise!  That rumbling noise!  What is it? What is that noise and where is it coming from?  It sounds like a rumble, like thunder in the distance but it's not stopping -- it's getting louder and louder -- this room -- this house -- it feels like it is being shaken as though an earthquake with a thunderous rumble is upon us!"

We quickly went into the upstairs foyer and she began to answer my question first.  She said, "Yes, yes, I heard the rumble.  But did you hear the music?"  I said, "what music?"  Do you mean the cassette tape??

"No!" she exclaimed!  "That was turned off two hours ago!  It was heavenly music!  I've never heard music like that in my entire life!  It was not an earthly type music and it seemed to be coming from Bro. Hibbard's head or bones or something like that!

I said, "Mary, I'm not sure, but I believe that rumble was the sound of chariots and they are coming for Daddy!  And I'm not about to miss one single thing!  I missed the music, but I don't plan to miss out on anything else!"

CLICK HERE to read the entire booklet titled, Treasures From The Life And Death Of J.C. Hibbard written by J.C. Hibbard's daughter, Darlene Hibbard-Walker.  It's an exciting account of the many miracles witnessed by several people in the house the days prior to and the day that J.C. Hibbard, Sr. was gloriously escorted into Heaven.


Rev. J.C. Hibbard wrote the song, "The Drunkard On The Street" in 1942.


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