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Treasures From The Life And
Death Of J.C. Hibbard

by Darlene Hibbard-Walker

Rev. J.C. Hibbard wrote the song, "The Drunkard On The Street" in 1942.


The Hibbard Family

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Left to right are J.C. "Sonny" Hibbard, Jr., Delores "Dee" Hibbard-Hutcheson,
J.C. Hibbard, Sr., Nell Hibbard, June Marie Hibbard-Underwood,
Darlene Hibbard-Walker and Jaynell Hibbard-Songstad

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"The Hibbard Family" was featured daily on KSKY radio in Dallas and KLEE radio in Houston throughout the 1940's and 1950's.  One of their most requested and popular songs was "The Drunkard On The Street" written by J.C. Hibbard.

The Hibbard Family - Songs That Refresh The Soul

Lead & Bass Vocals - Rev. J.C. Hibbard, Sr.
Lead & Harmony Vocals & Acoustic Guitar - June Marie Hibbard-Tennison-Underwood
Lead & Harmony Vocals & Violin - Rev. J.C. Hibbard, Jr.
Harmony Vocals & Acoustic Bass - Dolores Hibbard-Elkins-Hutchinson
The following are songs recorded by the Hibbard Family in 1945.  Although these files were made using CD quality, the digital quality is not very good due to the recordings being transferred from old 78 RPM and 33 RPM vinyl recordings.  We opted to leave the "scratches" in the recordings rather than EQ them out which would have also reduced the quality of the original sound.

The Hibbard Family - Songs From Radio Programs

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Rev. J.C. Hibbard

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