A Way Of Life


Different Phases Of The Word Prayer

Truth Of The Resurrection

Is Christ Coming Through The Storm

The Yoke

Prayer Much Importunity

The Ephesian Church

The Count Down Is On

Take The Filth Out Of The Temple

The Future From The Present

Life After Death

Tragedy Of Drawing Back

Don't Quit

When God Speaks From Heaven

Christ In You The Hope Of Glory

Bringing Back The Ark

Pre-Existence Of Christ

While They Slept

A Sound Mind

The Coming Of Christ

Going To Heaven First Class

Delivered From Bondage

The 10 Commandments


Moving The Candlestick

But Be Filled With The Spirit

Building God's House 

The Purpose Of Prayer

The Armageddon Count Down

The Purpose Of Fasting

Sending Out Your S.O.S.

Divine Healing - The Human  Body

The Godhead


Time Will Be No Longer


Christ Our High Priest

Living Water - June Marie Sings

Christians With Battle Fatigue

Abiding Under The Blessing

God's Survival Kit

God's Price Tags


The God That Changes Things

Killing Your Giant

Jesus, The Morning Star

Living In The Faith Realm

Last Message To The Church

David Recovered All

Living Without Fear

God Speaking To America (Part 1)


God Speaking To America (Part 2)

Importance Of The First Love


Israel In The Light Of The Bible

Prerequisites For Approaching God

Neither Jew Nor Gentile

The Dream Of The Need Of Prayer

Security Of God's People (Communion)

Tongues Shall Cease

The Heart Of Man

While The Bridegroom Tarried

Trimming The Lamp

Christ Kingdom

God's Purpose For Giving The Holy Ghost

Jehovah God

Rivers Of Living Water

The Holy Spirit

The Need Of The Holy Spirit

You Will

You Shall Receive Power


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