Facts about The Gospel Lighthouse

Treasures From The Life And
Death Of J.C. Hibbard

by Darlene Hibbard-Walker

Rev. J.C. Hibbard wrote the song, "The Drunkard On The Street" in 1942.



J.C. Hibbard, Sr. Videos

Television Program 01 - Casting Out Demons

Rev. J.C. Hibbard, Sr. teaches how to cast out demons in this television program featuring Mrs. Nell Hibbard who shares a poem and songs by Rev. Ike Davis.

Television Program 02 - Bible Teaching and Singing

Rev. J.C. Hibbard, Sr. teaches and sings a song he wrote, "Who Put The Color In The Rose" and "One More Valley" with Clifton Hicks on piano. Nell Hibbard recites a poem and teaches from the Word of God.

Television Program 03 - Salvation & The New Birth

Rev. J.C. Hibbard, Sr. teaches salvation though Jesus and the new birth and sings "In The Shelter of His Arms" and "His Name Is Jesus" with Clifton Hicks at the piano. Nell Hibbard recites a poem and teaches from the Word of God.

Television Program 04 - Knowing Who You Are

Rev. J.C. Hibbard teaches how to know who you are in the body of Jesus Christ, healing, the importance of the spoken word, the power to cast out demons and these signs that follow them that believe. Nell Hibbard teaches a message from the Word of God. Brad sings.

Television Program 05 - Spoken Words

Assistant Pastor Nell Hibbard teaches about spoken words. Barbara sings "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" and Brad sings "Jesus Did It For Me."

Television Program 06 - Will A Man Rob God?

Rev. and Mrs. J.C. Hibbard t, Sr. teach concerning "Will A Man Rob God?" The Master's Quartet sings.

Television Program 07 - Fathers Day

Rev. and Mrs. J.C. Hibbard, Sr. are joined by their daughter, Jaynell Hibbard-Songstad and children from the Gospel Lighthouse Church for this special Fathers Day program.

J.C. Hibbard - I'm Reaching Out To You Dear Lord

Rev. J.C. Hibbard sings "I'm Reaching Out To You Dear Lord."

J.C. Hibbard - He Loves Me And I Don't Know Why

Rev. J.C. Hibbard sings "He Loves Me And I Don't Know Why."

J.C. Hibbard - The Trade

Rev. J.C. Hibbard sings "The Trade."

J.C. Hibbard - The Drunkard On The Street

Rev. J.C. Hibbard sings "The Drunkard On The Street."

J.C. Hibbard - Who Put The Color In The Rose

Rev. J.C. Hibbard sings "Who Put The Color In The Rose."

History of the Gospel Lighthouse Church, Dallas, Texas

The Gospel Lighthouse Church 50th Anniversary Commemorative Video features the history of the first building and ministry of Pastor & Mrs. J.C. Hibbard, Sr. to today's current building, school and Pastors Gregg & Joy Headley.

J.C. Hibbard, Sr. Memorial Service

Memorial Service for Pastor J.C. Hibbard, Sr. on June 18, 1980 at the Gospel Lighthouse Church in Dallas, Texas. Speakers included Rev. Pete Pulley, Rev. H.C. Noah with songs by Bruce Hibbard and Earl McMilam. Music was provided by the Gospel Lighthouse Church Orchestra and trumpet solo by Ed Elkins.

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Rev. J.C. "Jay" Hibbard, Jr.

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